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Weather damage? EQOS Energie keeps telecommunications infrastructure in shape

Who doesn’t know those heavy winter storms that start in November and won’t spare even mobile telecommunications and fixed networks? Antennas are twisted by the wind, masts snap and power outages trigger downtimes at mobile telecommunication stations. If icy temperatures last longer, there will also be disruptions with transmission masts, if they are covered with a thick layer of ice or caps of snow. Whether the damage is caused by wind or negative temperatures, a quick solution is needed each time. After all, the users expect constant availability of the telecommunications infrastructure.

The technicians of EQOS Energie are not afraid of bad weather, no matter how uncomfortable it is. As long as their safety is ensured, they will perform the work on behalf of the customer. In that respect, bad weather periods that make the continuation of project work technically impossible or economically unjustifiable will be kept as short as possible. Customers of EQOS Energie benefit from customer service around the clock, large-scale availability, quick handling of damage claims and a competent team that is prepared for almost any scenario.

24/7 availability
It is frequently unpredictable how low-pressure areas develop. Measures to prevent potential damage can only be taken in a very limited fashion. If storms, ice or hail result in damaged telecommunications infrastructure, the EQOS Energie experts are available round the clock.

Available nationwide
The company is excellently prepared – not just for any type of commission but also for emergencies. Thanks to the nationwide deployment of the German-Austrian teams, urgent repairs can be performed quickly.

Many damage scenarios can be covered
Customers benefit from a broad service portfolio, especially for weather-related damage. EQOS Energie will be there when masts, lines or transmission systems must be restored.

Deployment of versed teams
The composition of teams from various professions such as electricians, structural steel fitters, master electricians or communications electronics specialists particularly pays off for unscheduled deployments: In those cases, customers can rely on quick damage repairs due to bundled expertise.