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Health protection and occupational safety

All of us spend a lot of time in the workplace, and only healthy employees can perform well. When it comes to occupational safety, we don’t compromise: The goal is “zero accidents”!

Health protection

Protecting the health of our employees and their work safety is our top priority. We comply with the highest standards defined in the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment and Quality) and anchored in an integrated management system. Our prevention follows a holistic approach that includes measures for technical safety and occupational medicine as well as health protection.

Within the company, we design the work environment for our employees in such a manner as to maintain and promote their well-being. For this purpose, EQOS Energie implemented various measures regarding physical and mental health in the workplace. This way, we are creating a framework for healthy work while at the same time motivating each individual employee to greater health awareness.

Occupational safety

We want the people who work for us to get home safely. This has the highest priority for us and we work on it every day. We reduce the number of accidents by systematically minimising unsafe conditions and actions. Our vision is clear: “Zero accidents”. When it comes to occupational safety, we commit to establishing clear rules and to being uncompromising in our compliance with legal regulations. We implement behaviour-oriented prevention measures to sensitise employees on workplace risks and hazards in order to enhance their risk and health knowledge. This ultimately enables them to evaluate and modify their actions. Employees have both the right and duty to avoid any unnecessary risks in order not to jeopardise their own health or that of their co-workers.

As a responsible employer, we far exceed our legal obligations. We investigate continuously and conscientiously where we can minimise potential hazards. For this purpose, we employ specialists for occupational safety, company physicians and safety officers.

Among others, we pursue the following objectives:

  • Continuous reduction of the number of accidents with downtime, the so-called lost time injury frequencies (LTIFs)
  • Increased execution of construction site inspections, also by the management
  • Internal campaigns for sensitising the employees to occupational safety issues
  • Implementation of a concept for alternative workplaces
  • Standardisation of safety and rescue concepts
  • Documentation of mental stress in the workplace, derivation and implementation of preventive measures
  • Introduction and further development of the instructional toolbox