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Communication technology

We set up mobile and landline networks nationwide, and optimise and service network systems. Our contribution to their further development provides you with daily benefits of faster surfing and making calls everywhere.

Wireless networks

We have been one of Germany’s leading providers of manufacturer-independent communication technology for almost 30 years. As a nationwide full-service provider we can partner all network operations and system suppliers.

Our track record includes the erection of more than 1,000 mobile phone towers, 15,000 directional radio links, 25,000 planning projects and 45,000 new buildings, extensions and swaps. We are proud of this record – and our first-class in-house trained team, who rise to every occasion. We provide services in GSM, UMTS, LTE, TETRA and radio networks and are certified for all current established mobile phone systems.

Landline networks

We ensure full bandwidth capacity, meeting the ever-growing needs of our customers with tailored solutions, from copper-based and optical access technology to switching technology through to the expansion of the optical wide area network.

Convince yourself of our many years of experience in switching technology, such as Multiplex (PDH, SDH), switch and router systems as well as the optical transmission technology of the “Next Generation Networks” and Access MSAN/DSLAM solutions.

As a future-focused enterprise in the communication technology we will be happy to advise you and help you achieve your goals: You can count on us for traditional jobs like the planning, assembly, commissioning and configuration, integration and technical assistance during operations. Or let our specialists plan, build and operate FTTx networks on your behalf.

Call us for advice and support in your upcoming expansion projects.

Your advantages in communication technology with us

  • Independent of manufacturers and system technology suppliers
  • Knowledge advantage through pioneering work in building infrastructure
  • Authorisation and experience with all network operators
  • Timely processing of large quantities in shortest possible time
  • Highly qualified and experienced in-house staff
  • Authorisation for BOS radio

Staging for broadband network expansion

Build your fibre optics networks efficiently by obtaining planning and pre-assembly from a single source.

Fibre optics networks are the only way to manage the gigantic data flows of the future that must be mastered as digitisation progresses. Upcoming mobile communications standards such as 5G will also require fibre optics in the background in order to be able to ensure the necessary transmission capacities.

Comprehensive staging can be particularly helpful in optimising the exchange of components in live operation and can also help with new construction projects. We develop optimised configurations, pre-tests and pre-configurations of passive and active network elements. After the samples have been approved, we will roll out the components as a ‘plug and play’ solution. In doing so, we enhance quality, improve effectiveness and reduce on-site installation time – all of which will pay off for you in terms of ‘time-to-operation’.

Are you ready for our dependable solutions from a single source? Please contact us.

Mobile antenna supports

Do you need to increase your network capacity? Our experts have designed mobile antenna supports for that very purpose.

What do you do when you temporarily need more network capacity for an event or modernisation work? The answer is temporary mobile antenna supports special designed by EQOS Energie to maintain network operation.

Specially created for such deployments our systems comply with current national statutory building regulations. Service periods of three months to two years depending on the state and erection site can be achieved with no need for time-consuming permission procedures.

Deployment examples:

  • (large-scale) functions and events
  • building modernisation
  • termination and expiry of usage agreements
  • conversion, optimisation or modernisation of radio sites
  • use as temporary tower
  • network operations following natural disasters

The practical streamlined modular design of the towers and minimum surface area requirements offer many benefits during erection and dismantling. Nevertheless heights of up to 30 metres are perfectly possible.
Thanks to mobile bases, foundation expenditure and environmental impact are low.