Switchgear production

Custom-made switchgears with the highest quality

There should be no compromise for your system’s core element! In Germany and Austria, we provide high-quality systems made in-house.

Producing switchgears requires experience and skill. Therefore, we work in our own workshops with our own staff and it is this which allows us to guarantee the highest quality all the way from commissioning to inspection. Since each project is unique, we conceptualise solutions beginning with just one unit.

Whether we are building systems like the low-voltage main distribution board (up to 1.6 kA) and control and network cabinets or such systems as the field distributor or the remote I/O: All systems we build demand the same quality for planning, construction and inspection. Our commitment to the highest quality is built into our name: Excellent Quality Of Services – that is our promise of quality for all systems assembled in Germany.

It goes without saying that our switchgear combinations meet or exceed the currently effective European regulations and associated standards. In our test field, each switchgear cabinet is put through rigorous and thorough testing before it is allowed to leave production. You are cordially invited to join us at our facility during a factory acceptance test. With continual improvements, we are automating our production processes in order to complete your orders quickly and efficiently.

If required, we will construct a customised system for you. Or do you want your system crafted as an extended workbench? You can have that as well. We are not bound to any manufacturer and will use your preferred components.

Your benefits in switchgear construction with us

Construction in accordance with the low-voltage, machinery and ATEX regulation

independent choice of components

Crafting of
switchgear, protection and control cabinets

responsible contacts

Flexible and
quick capacity adjustment

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