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“Many things have changed - for the better”

New personnel constellations and a general turnaround were key in Evy’s decision to return.

Interview with Evy, construction administrator in the Railway Technology business unit

Evy is not afraid of professional changes. There were several challenges that she has already mastered in her career. Originally trained as a nurse, she had to retrain due to an injury several years ago. In 2014, she started with EQOS Energie in Belgium as a team assistant and – after a brief interruption – now works as a construction administrator in the Railway Technology business unit. For Evy, change means defining challenges for herself in order to advance.

Punctuality, challenge and fun. For many of my responsibilities, such as accounting, accurate work and punctuality are important. Since my area of responsibilities is very diverse and evolving, it is interesting for me on a daily basis and it is also a challenge. You mustn’t think that you could do the same thing for years. Sometimes you must be creative and think about things in different ways in order to make a difference. It is this and our joint success as a team that is particularly fun for me.

» One person is not any more important than another and our outcomes are always a team accomplishment. «

Right now, we are a very small team at our location. But things are really in motion. Two new employees will start soon and our Belgian team will get additional reinforcements. Currently, we are also getting hands-on support from our German colleagues. This works really well. Despite the different tasks each individual has, we need each other to achieve a good result. This team spirit characterises our work and therefore our success. One person is not any more important than another and our outcomes are always a team accomplishment.

In the meantime, many things had changed for the better in Oostende, within the team and therefore also with the upcoming tasks. After my return, I was able to take on tasks with more responsibility. To implement these tasks well and to restructure them as part of the realignment was exciting to me. But, of course, there is also the great collaboration with my colleagues and the improved atmosphere.

EQOS Energie is based in multiple countries. I grew up in Belgium and Germany and have many friends in other countries. I like working across national borders. There are also opportunities and possibilities for further development. If you want to make a difference, you can do it if you are dedicated. The company is easy-going, the atmosphere is great and our interactions with each other are very friendly. I really enjoy going to work.