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“It’s important that we all pull together”

As a junior buyer, Tanja serves as the interface for various divisions and as a contact for many colleagues.

Interview with Tanja (29), junior buyer in the corporate unit Purchasing and Procurement at EQOS Energie

Tanja has a hard time saying whether she’s dealing more with figures or with people. As a junior buyer, she serves as the interface of various divisions and as a contact for many of our colleagues. Born in Böblingen near Stuttgart in the state of Baden-Württemberg, Tanja joined EQOS Energie about one-and-a-half years ago and will soon graduate with a degree in business administration.

I am a very analytical type in general. I always worked while pursuing my degree in business administration, most recently for a large Austrian bank in transaction monitoring and reporting suspected money laundering. This was often about transactions in the tens or hundreds of millions, which was very exciting.

Here, numbers are my daily companion as well, because I am in charge of indirect procurement, which is very diverse. This may include office supplies, occupational clothing and protective equipment as well as vehicles, cleaning staff or electricity for the various locations. To be able to conclude optimal purchasing agreements for the entire company, we need to obtain lots of quotes, renegotiate and, most importantly, keep an eye on everything.

Using a tool I both love and hate: Excel spreadsheets. The challenge lies in evaluating 20,000 lines in such a manner that you retain five lines in the end that will show you how to get the best terms and conditions. If I manage to do that, the secret thrifty Swabian in me is rejoicing. [She laughs.]

» My work is very diverse and I get to meet a lot of coworkers in just a short time. «

Absolutely. We get a lot of internal feedback. But I like it because it makes my work very diverse and I get to meet a lot of coworkers in just a short time. Communication isn’t always easy due to the many different dialects in Austria and Germany, but that isn’t a problem if you have the right attitude. I care a lot about the team and I am always happy if I can quickly help somebody.