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What is it like to work at EQOS Energie?

See for yourself how our colleagues view their work for EQOS Energie and visions for the future they see.

How we are viewed by our employees

Since the activities at EQOS Energie are very diverse, our employees have lots to report about their everyday work. What is it like to work for EQOS Energie? What are the prospects for the future? What has changed? As part of a meeting at the end of January 2020, we went in search of answers to these and other questions and captured quite a number of statements. See for yourself what our employees reported and how they perceive the interactions that make up life at EQOS Energie.

Please note: The video is only available in German. To optimally display the video on your smartphone, please turn it to landscape view.

At this point, the company would like to thank our colleagues who stepped in front of the camera as well as all of our nearly 1,500 employees. Service providers like us thrive because of the indefatigable commitment of our employees. Motivated employees who feel good about working for EQOS Energie create the best prerequisites for long-term employment and profitable value creation. Together, we make a contribution to facilitating today’s data-intensive economy based on a powerful network infrastructure for electricity, telecommunications and railway traffic.