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Building on existing telecommunications infrastructures

Ground cables on overhead lines not only function as lightning arresters, the optical fibre running inside the core can also be used for data communication. Energy network operators use these high speed highways not only to control their network systems but also, increasingly, to make them available to the public sector.

The project aimed at extending the existing network infrastructure of one telco providers to provide extensive high quality data communication.

In order to achieve this EQOS Energie added broadband directional radio links to the network in areas where optical fibre cables were run along overhead lines. The remote directional radio station was then located close to the end customer. For the last mile the customer used the existing network of cooperative carriers or built its own interface. EQOS Energie also injected the optical fibres along this final section.

Overview of services

  • Structural work for line route and MFG
  • Injection of the fibre optics cable
  • Fibre optics cable splicing
  • FTTH connection
  • Copper wire installation/directional radio

Fact box

telco provider

Execution period:
2011 to today

Erection site:
nationwide, Germany