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Light rail catenary line modernisation


Two-track catenary lines were modernised in a separate road bed along a section of approx. 4.5 km. Work included construction of all DC substation internal fittings and switchgear with delivery and installation of the 10kV isolating section. The special feature of the project was line certification to the German Ordinance on the Construction and Operation of Railways (EBO). In addition, various steel tyre profiles were required.

The aim was to modernise the light rail catenary line, all technical facilities and substation switchgear. Furthermore, the modernisation work was to be planned so that light rail services were not be stopped or interrupted to any major degree.

In the course of project execution a total of 124 poles and auger pile foundations and up to 17 m long aluminium gantries were delivered and installed. Installation of the catenary systems took place on two pre-arranged service-stop weekends. Besides delivery and installation of the feeder lines and isolating sections EQOS Energie was also responsible for approx. 180 m² of bridge protection under three different bridges. Around 1000 m of DC feeder cable was also delivered and installed and also included all structural work for cable running and track openings using a flushing method.

The project

  • Customer: transport company
  • Wesseling, Germany
  • Execution period: January 2014 to December 2014

Overview of services

  • 124 drilled foundations, 124 poles
  • 2 multi-track cantilevers, 134 catenary system cantilevers
  • 6 aluminium gantries
  • 9 km of new overhead line
  • 180 m² of bridge protectors

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