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Overhead line renewal on route 5504 from Munich to Murnau


Mainly built in the 1930s, the Weilheim – Huglfing – Murnau overhead line system was built at the time in a skewed construction to cope with the many bends along the route. From the 1970s onwards, on straight sections the 25 mm² lateral support wires (skewed design) were replaced by cantilevers, similar to type Re 100 to improve trafficability.

The project aimed at replacing the entire system, since an upgrade of the existing system was not possible. The overhead line system, in particular the steel poles, was largely original. Due to the long service time of more than 75 years and the system types described above, higher speeds to densify traffic was impossible, even had the existing system been upgraded. In addition, a higher groundwater level and possible existence of rock bed was established.

The 10-day line closure kicked off with the dismantling the overhead line. 14 km of overhead line, power line and poles were dismantled prior to installing the new overhead and power lines ready for acceptance. On steep embankments long driven piles were inserted and measures to shore up the embankment conducted. All preparatory jobs were completed during normal operation prior to line closure. 40 fitters were deployed around the clock.

The project

  • Customer: transport company
  • Munich – Murnau, Germany
  • Execution period: January 2011 to July 2011

Overview of services

  • 14 km line planning, incl. interim statuses
  • 220 foundations and poles, dismantling of 230 poles
  • 280 cantilevers, 6 multi-track cantilevers
  • 14 km of line dismantling and new line construction, including 2 km conversion
  • 14 km of new power line

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