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Replacement of conductors at the Elbe Intersection 2


On behalf of TenneT TSO GmbH, EQOS Energie has implemented the conductor exchange and integration of additional conductors of the Elbe Intersection 2. What made this project special were the two supporting masts with a height of 227 metres spanning a total of 1,200 metres with a sag of 80 metres. These are the highest high-voltage masts in Europe.

The objective of this project was to increase the transmission performance by a factor of four. To accomplish this, a total of four existing overhead line systems consisting of dual bundle conductors were replaced with four new systems with quadruple bundle conductors each. In addition, the existing ground wire was replaced with a fibre optics cable. One of the four masts was only accessible by boat, which is why the entire work had to be optimally planned beforehand. Furthermore, the shipping traffic was not to be obstructed by the project work, which required close coordination with the shipping traffic authority.

The project was divided into two sections. The initial part covered work on the right side of the system where the chains were replaced, the earthing cable was replaced with a fibre optics cable and additional conductors were integrated. The aircraft warning spheres, dampers and radar markers were also exchanged in the process. After the wire rope hoist and the rough installation, the old conductors were detensioned and removed. Subsequently, the conductors and fibre optics cables were fine-tuned and the field bundle spacers and aircraft warning spheres were mounted. During the second section, the same working steps were performed on the left side of the system.

In July 2019, EQOS Energie successfully completed the construction work on the 380-kV Elbe Intersection 2 on behalf of and under the leadership of TenneT TSO GmbH.

The project

  • Customer: TenneT TSO GmbH
  • Dollern-Wilster, Germany
  • Period of construction: May 2018 to July 2018

Overview of services

  • Generation of a fitting concept
  • Exchange of the fittings
  • Reinstallation of the conductors and fibre optics cables
  • Cross-section increase from bundles of 2 to bundles of 4
  • Exchange of ground wire for a fibre optics cable
  • Exchange of aircraft warning spheres, dampers and radar markers

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