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We provide rod system development, engineering and design, plan lines, manage property and inspect buildings, ensuring that signals, data and people reach their destinations.

Our service portfolio

Modern telecommunications, advanced traffic systems and optimised power distribution need an efficient infrastructure – and we will be happy to develop it for you. Engineering is the sound basis for our pole position in the market and affords you security. We invest in advanced software, continuous employee training and consistently optimise our on-going processes.

More than 60 technical employees at several sites are actively engaged in cross-border planning and structural engineering projects, installation procedures, feasibility studies and routing, property management, budgeting, project development and processing, alternative concepts and engineering services at all stages.

Well-known names in the power, telecommunications and traffic sector have entrusted us with their project engineering for many years. When do you intend to join them? We look forward to hearing from you.

Line planning with property management

Our strength lies in solution-oriented detailed line planning and high-level security.

We offer a fully rounded line planning portfolio. We provide customers with services that are specifically tailored to their needs and projects:

  • High voltage overhead line system construction and re-routing
  • Topographic surveying for overhead line and radio poles and PV plants
  • Immission protection calculations to Article 26 of the Federal Immission Control Act and Technical Instructions on Noise
  • Building site management and supervision
  • Local authority liaison
  • Public agency and subservience assessment
  • Negotiations with property owners
  • Lease and sale agreements
  • Access planning
  • Post-construction crop damage control

Structural engineering, construction and building inspection

We are your partner for the development, assessment and technical drafting of rod systems and poles.

Experienced compete support planners and designers support you in all structural engineering and design aspects of pole and rod systems. We offer a full portfolio of services from status quo assessment, structural reviewing and modernisation concepts to new rod systems.

An extract from our portfolio:

  • pole and rod system development
  • static and structural drafting in the case of changes of use
  • Structural analysis for standard and special foundations
  • Development and structural analysis for reinforcing foundations
  • Analysis and design of emergency rod systems and gantries
  • Shop drawings
  • Formwork and reinforcement plans
  • Building inspection and status quo assessment to DB guidelines, DIN 1076, VDI 6200 and customer specifications
  • Development of modernisation concepts
  • Technical construction support