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New construction and conductors on 110-kV line with solid-wall steel poles


As a partner of Bayernwerk Netz GmbH, EQOS Energie upgraded the 11-kilometre track section between Dachau and Maisach. This included constructing replacements for the existing 110-kV overhead lines with alternating switchgear and erecting solid-wall steel poles instead of the previously used load-bearing lattice masts.

The start of the construction work primarily focused on preparing the pole foundations as well as the upcoming point and cabling work. In order to be able to maintain a semi-operation during the upcoming conductor installation, the work was performed section by section and the existing lines were also switched to temporary lines at the start. After the foundations were successfully
built and the new poles were set up, the conductors were switched back. Subsequently, the new conductors were installed section by section. To ensure a smooth process, 33 employees were deployed at peak times.

EQOS Energie demonstrated its special expertise with the good handling of the solid-wall steel poles. Due to their complexity, the poles required highly sensitive handling, both during production and set-up. Given the experts’ detailed construction knowledge and vast experience, the work on the foundations and the regulation of the conductors was performed comprehensively and competently.

The project

  • Customer: Bayernwerk Netz GmbH
  • Dachau to Maisach, Germany
  • Period of construction: June 2021 to March 2022

Overview of services

  • Full construction of solid-wall steel poles incl. foundations
  • Point and cabling work
  • Deployment of temporary lines
  • 20 to 33 EQOS Energie experts on site

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