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Construction of the Gottesgabe-Wriezen renewable energy substation


On behalf of MITNETZ STROM, EQOS Energie constructed the 110-kV renewable energy substation “Gottesgabe-Wriezen” in Bliesdorf, Germany. EQOS Energie acted as a full-service provider and was responsible for the entire project planning and execution. The commission included the complete primary and secondary planning and fitting, steel construction and electrical installation work, the construction of the AC/DC system, all protection and control technology work, protection testing and parametrisation and, ultimately, the commissioning of the wind substation in July 2017.

The objective of the project was the planned new construction of the renewable energy substation and the fully functional handover to the client. The associated construction work took place between March 2016 and July 2017. Overall, an expert team of seven worked on the timely implementation of the Gottesgabe-Wriezen wind substation, which is 660 square meters in size.

In order to meet its own high quality demands, EQOS Energie used only the highest-quality materials during the entire project – whether it was for protection and control technology or for software support in primary and secondary planning. The challenge in project implementation was the tight time frame, which required particularly quick and efficient planning. he working steps were seamlessly intertwined and elementary for the smooth installation of a total of about 900 metres of 110-kV wires for the system. The foundations and the building layout were done on site, then the EQOS Energie team conducted all work for steel construction as well as primary and secondary fitting. Subsequently, elaborate protection testing and parametrisation was performed and finally the fully functional new renewable energy substation Gottesgabe-Wriezen was commissioned.

The project

  • Customer: Mitteldeutsche Netzgesellschaft Strom mbH
  • Bliesdorf, Germany
  • Execution period: March 2016 to July 2017

Overview of services

  • Primary and secondary planning
  • Primary and secondary fitting, including 110-kV wire installation
  • AC/DC system, protection and control technology
  • Protection testing and parametrisation
  • Commissioning services

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