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Exchange of 220-kV insulators and instrument transformers at the Mayrhofen power station


On behalf of VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH, EQOS Energie has exchanged all tension insulator strings and their associated fittings at the Mayrhofen outdoor switchgear. As part of this project, the EQOS Energie experts also renewed three 220-kV instrument transformers as well as the tension insulators. Apart from disassembly and assembly of the installation, the project scope also included corrosion protection at the work site.

These renewal measures will help with the maintenance of the substation. This way, reliable operations of the substation can be safeguarded in the future. ll project work was carried out by two teams with three team members each. The project was successfully completed in just one month while regular operations continued. In 2017, EQOS Energie had already proven its worth with the remodeling of the transverse couplers and the transfer busbar at the Mayrhofen substation.

The Mayrhofen substation consists of one outdoor switchgear with two main busbars and one auxiliary busbar, divided into two sections with a transverse coupler and a transfer busbar. There are four generator feeders as well as two incoming and two outgoing 220-kV line feeders. A total of 36 double tension insulator strings for single conductor as well as 21 suspension rod insulators were exchanged. As main contractor, EQOS Energie closely cooperated with the client prior to the project to clarify all technical specifications for the new installations. Numerous auxiliary circuits that had to be implemented for the opening and closing of the conductor loops provided the necessary occupational safety on site. Based on these measures, the subsequent exchange and renewal of the installations was completed in the briefest of time periods.

The project

  • Customer: VERBUND Hydro Power GmbH
  • Mayrhofen, Austria
  • Execution period: October 2018 to November 2018

Overview of services

  • Technical design of the components to be renewed based on customer specifications
  • Renewal of the 220-kV tension insulator strings and associated fittings
  • Renewal of the suspension rod insulators and associated fittings
  • Organisation of the appropriate disposal of the old 220-kV instrument transformers
  • Exchange of three 220-kV instrument transformers

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