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Mast exchange on the 380-kV line between Preilack and Streumen


In order to facilitate the power supply for the local transmission network, EQOS Energie conducted a mast exchange between Preilack and Streumen for the customer 50Hertz Transmission GmbH. For the line located north of Dresden, which also includes six railway crossings, 24 new foundations and masts were constructed. Especially at traffic junctions, the masts’ structural stability was increased in the long term.

EQOS Energie renewed the existing masts. In this project, the foundations for the newly created masts were built around the existing ones. For this purpose, the old ones were temporarily anchored diagonally. Next, the company’s own team carried out the civil engineering work and built the new foundation. The subsequent set-up and installation of the new masts as well as the disassembly of the old mast parts was primarily done with the use of a lorry-mounted crane. This meant that two masts could be exchanged per week for each crew deployed.

Special consideration had to be given to the existing railway line alongside the masts. The swivel range and outreach of the lorry-mounted cranes
were chosen so that the process of mast positioning would
not jeopardise the railway line. During the work, railway traffic was also to continue without disruptions so that the railway crossings were protected by a two-sided steel framework. his way, railway operations were maintained while the ground wires and conductors on the track sections were reinstalled.

EQOS Energie’s work to secure the transmission network and to increase mast stability was successfully
completed in November 2020.

The project

  • Customer: 50Hertz Transmission GmbH
  • Preilack-Streumen, Germany
  • October 2019 to November 2020

Overview of services

  • 24 new foundations and
  • Anchoring, foundations, civil engineering work
  • Transfer of ground wires and
    conductors to cranes

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