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Modernisation of the Lohhof 110-kV substation


EQOS Energie implemented comprehensive upgrades of the Lohhof substation for Avacon AG. The substation is a single busbar with two transformer and line fields, each with busbar sections. EQOS Energie was responsible for a wide range of work processes such as planning and handling of all assembly work, installation of the field installation cables, remodelling of the secondary technology as well as inspection and commissioning of the substation.

The modernisation ensures the long-term operational reliability of the substation and included updating it to state-of-the-art technology. The old protection and control technology was completely dismantled and rebuilt. The power distribution for the substation´s own needs was also completely modernised.

The project was implemented in two phases of construction each of which involved one transformer. In order to facilitate sufficient power supply in the event of an emergency, EQOS Energie developed a special temporary solution for this remodeling project, which was used while the field instal-lation cables were installed. In each section, the required field installation cable was installed first and connected to the transformers with the help of the temporary solution. The obsolete devices were dismantled and retired and the new primary devices assembled and connected. The same was done with the secondary technology. EQOS Energie also connected the installation systems of the operating plant to the new power distribution for the building and exchanged all surge arresters and combined voltage transformers in the transformer fields. Finally, the complete control panels were subjected to a detailed functional and commissioning test before being handed over to the customer in its fully operational state.

The project

  • Customer: Avacon AG
  • Uchte, Germany
  • Period of construction: September 2019 to June 2020

Overview of services

  • Dismantling of old primary and secondary technology
  • Installation of new primary and secondary technology in Avacon’s operating plant
  • Commissioning test
    Renewal of the power supply for the substation`s needs
  • Installation and connection of the field installation cables

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