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Nuremberg – Fürth line: Largest-scale modernisation since inauguration


In the 175th anniversary year of the first railway line from Nuremberg to Fürth the largest-scale modernisation in the line’s existence was begun. In the wake of the Nuremberg – Ebensfeld line and S-Bahn extension in Franconia, the line section between Fürth main station and Fürth – Vach was replanned. In addition, some of the existing overhead lines were completely renewed or installed on new track sections. he new overhead lines were installed at the same time as the track and structural work. The cross spans were completely renewed on the platforms at Fürth station.

The aim was to set up S-Bahn operations between Nuremberg – Erlangen – Forchheim. A new S-Bahn track and all necessary adjustments in existing tracks were thus completed at Fürth station. The logistics had to be planned meticulously due to the fixed track cable and service intervals.

Several types of foundation were required, including pile driving and drilling, in-situ concrete and rock-fill foundations due to different types of subsoil. The span masts on the open line were integrated into the noise barrier. Up to 60 fitters were simultaneously deployed to carry out the project.

The project

  • Customer: transport company
  • Nuremberg – Fürth, Germany
  • Execution period: January 2010 to December 2011

Overview of services

  • 30 km line planning, incl. interim statuses
  • 170 foundations and poles, 8 km power line
  • 400 cantilevers, 35 multi-track cantilevers
  • 24 km of new overhead line, 6 km overhead line adaptation
  • 20 cross spans, dismantling of 10 cross spans

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