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Energy technology

We are experts in project conception and implementation for energy supplying in transmission and distribution grids. Secure your power supply with our know-how.

Substation construction

Switchgear and substations for distributing electrical energy are required at different grid levels. We are a competent partner with our sound know-how in the field of primary and secondary technology: we support you with your building projects for new substations or conversions through to maintenance and dismantling.

Grid technology

In the low-voltage sector our energy technology team is your partner for designing the best possible power supply over local grids. We plan, deliver, install and modernise plants and substations on a full scale, regardless of the manufacturer to ensure that industry and homes are best supplied with power.

Your advantages in energy technology with us

  • Experience of working with the most important suppliers
  • Independent of suppliers
  • Timely, secure project execution thanks to transnational capacity
  • Solution-oriented approach and flexible project planning
  • Reliable high-level quality to the smallest detail

Enhanced performance for your project

What you can expect of an expert service provider in substation and grid technology.

Construction of 110-420 kV substations

  • Conception and primary/secondary planning
  • Execution of required permission procedures
  • Structural engineering, foundation work for equipment platforms, transformers and gantries
  • Erection of operations buildings and transformer stations
  • Delivery and assembly of constructional steelwork and primary technology equipment
  • Erection of earth termination systems
  • Assembly and connection of control and safety equipment for in-house requirements
  • Electrical metering, inspection and calibration of all plant parts
  • Parameter setting and commissioning
  • Maintenance, repair and modernisation of your plant


Grid technology 0.4-36 kV

  • Planning and routing
  • Cable sizing und tensile force calculation
  • Project plan drafting and documentation
  • Structural engineering work across all technologies
  • Cable supplying and laying in all voltage levels
  • Cable assembly up to 36 kV in all connection systems
  • Planning, delivery and assembly of turnkey substations up to 30 kV
  • Renovation and modernisation of old systems
  • Testing and setting of protection relays, metering inspection
  • Parameter setting and commissioning
  • Switchgear maintenance and inspection
  • Building and dismantling of overhead lines, tower reinforcement and wire replacement

Emergency equipment and replacement cables

We are your partner if you want to guarantee that your power supply will hold up in critical situations.

Grid emergency equipment and replacement cables keep the power flowing during conversion work and faults. We supply emergency rods and replacement cables, assembly and dismantling so you can restore power quickly in the event of failure. You can also hire the required emergency equipment from us directly.
Various 110 kV systems with replacement cables up to 420 metres long are available.

Smart grids

Given our expertise in carrying out large roll-out projects in all project phases, we are the ideal partner for conversi

Given our expertise in carrying out large roll-out projects in all project phases, we are the ideal partner for conversion to smart metering, which enables the creation of so-called “smart grids”.

It is essential for the comprehensive use of smart meters to build the network for the additional transfer of data and thereby facilitate smooth transfers. Efficient generation and storing of electricity in the system also play a crucial role.

Our experts in energy and communications technology work hand in hand and combine their decades of experience in both sectors. You can rely on EQOS Energie’s in-depth experience for the energy technology sector and the construction of mobile and fixed network locations for your smart metering projects!