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Civil engineering

Full stability for your projects

Make use of our expertise to make sure your masts stand on solid ground.

Civil engineering not only represents the foundation for creating and maintaining a strong infrastructure: It forms the basis, bedrock and underpinnings for the stable and safe construction of your projects. The fact that every subsurface is different makes this a very complex field. Not only is detailed expertise required but also high-quality equipment, in which we have invested heavily in recent years. Therefore, you can rely on the civil engineering expertise of EQOS Energie! You will greatly benefit from our years of cross-departmental expertise that goes beyond overhead line construction. We can support you for both new foundations and refurbishments. Furthermore, we are well versed in subsurface improvement. Bottlenecks in project execution are a foreign concept to us: Thanks to our many highly specialised and effective teams, it is easy for us to handle several projects simultaneously. Of course, we take into account the archaeological conditions as well as nature conservation requirements around each mast site. We embed the masts in question seamlessly into the ground without endangering the ecological balance or jeopardising the protection of various species in the process.

Your benefits in civil engineering with us:

Process improvement through cross-functional collaboration

safe project handling

Civil engineering work
is mostly performed internally

Project handling in
harmony with

Deployment of the latest technology

An all-rounder for foundationsA helping hand for pile foundationsGrounding systems for more safetyWe improve your subsurface

EQOS civiil engineering

An all-rounder for foundations

Regardless of whether you want to start a new foundation or you are facing an existing one in need of rehabilitation: We will support you! For slab, stepped and block foundations, you can bank on our full expertise and hands-on assistance. In the case of rehabilitations, conversions or deconstructions, we are also happy to assist with the dismantling of old foundations as well as old masts and their disposal.

EQOS Energie civil engineering foundations

A helping hand for pile foundations

Foundations involve significantly more than just the setting of them. Therefore, we also support special civil engineering companies with additional work, such as when pile foundations are to be used. This not only includes site preparation but the installation of the mast bases and their connection to the pile foundation itself.

EQOS grounding system

Grounding systems for more safety

Foundations have multiple functions: They not only serve to ensure the stability of the structures built on them but also include the grounding systems that divert unwanted electrical currents (such as lightning strikes) into the ground. If the existing foundations are not sufficient for providing the necessary grounding, we have the solution for you: EQOS Energie installs additional grounding systems for you with ground straps as well as deep grounding electrodes to ensure your project fully meets the necessary safety standard.

EQOS subsurface

We improve your subsurface

It can always happen that the substrate is not of sufficient good quality and therefore not initially capable of carrying the required load. . In such difficult and problematic conditions, we will be there for you: Not only do we improve and stabilise the ground of your building site for the upcoming new foundations, but we can also provide even greater safety for efficiency with peace of mind at your construction site. This way, we ensure safe access for large equipment in the field with heavy road construction and significantly improve the stability of cranes, auxiliary structures and the like.