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Power used to take a “one-way street” from the power plant through transmission and distribution networks to the consumer. Now these networks have to cope with electricity transmission in two-way traffic. In order to coordinate power generation and consumption in a need- and consumption-oriented manner, the power grid must become more “intelligent” or “smarter”. By 2050, greenhouse gas emissions should be largely a thing of the past. As a result, the entire power grid with its various levels must be geared towards the energy revolution. At the same time, the transmission and distribution networks must be expanded with efficiency technologies.

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From power generation and distribution network to buildings: Whether it’s at the substation, industrial building or during the automation at process and production plants: Our experts help you safeguard the availability.

For many years, EQOS Energie has been a key contributor to the formation of fundamental infrastructure that is fit for the energy revolution. Based on our core expertise in energy technology, we implement new construction as well as remodelling projects for power generation facilities in order to successfully bring substationsand distribution networks to the state of the art of technology.

We take things to the next level and provide comprehensive solutions in automation. The manufacturing and process industry is facing challenges today in which EQOS Energie and a good automation process can support you: On one hand, large technological production facilities must achieve maximum capacity and availability. On the other hand, facilities with flexibility built into their production are more nimble and can quickly react to variable production volumes with a foundation of successful automation. In addition, the pandemic has shown how vulnerable supply chains are. If more companies produce locally in the future, roboticswill play an increasingly important role.

EQOS Energieerzeugung und Energiebereitstellung

Power generation and transmission

We support you in your projects from planning and new construction or remodelling of your buildings all the way to the maintenance and disassembly of switchgears and substations.

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EQOS Fertigungsautomation

Manufacturing automation

Supporting industrial companies is our business and we are there to support their technical tasks within the various areas of automation.

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EQOS Prozessautomation

Process automation

SCC**-certified and best prepared for the requirements of the power generation sector, the chemical and petrochemical industry and warehousing.

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EQOS Schaltanlagenfertigung

Switchgear production

With our experienced and highly qualified experts, the core of your facility is in the very best hands. We construct and manufacture switchgears for all your needs.

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