The energy transformation starts with the right planning

We develop and construct your buildings, plan your projects and manage your properties.

The energy transformation starts with the right planning We develop and construct your buildings, plan your projects and manage your properties. Modern telecommunication, progressive traffic systems and optimised energy distribution require an efficient infrastructure – and we would be happy to plan it for you. Our engineering forms the basis of all these projects and provides you with security, because we invest in the latest software and the professional development of our employees. Furthermore, we continuously optimise our ongoing processes.

Nearly 100 technical staff members are involved in planning and structural design tasks, assembly procedures, feasibility studies and routing, real estate management, budgeting, project development and processes, alternative concepts and engineering services – in all stages, at multiple locations and across national borders.

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Thoughtful line planning for your projectStatic engineering and construction from a single sourceWe perform your property managementProfessional work with proprietary software

EQOS line planning

Thoughtful line planning for your project

Are you expanding or upgrading your line network? Our experienced team in planning, drawing and measuring will accompany and support you in all stages. We will work for you in regional planning, planning approval, implementation planning or for building implementation and auditing. We will be at your side during construction as well as during the preparation of explanatory reports or discussion meetings and information events for citizens.

Our services are tailored specifically to your needs and projects. You can further benefit from our additional expertise in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive routing services for new and existing networks
  • Cable mechanics calculations for all cable types, including high-temperature conductors
  • Calculations for interference and emmissions control
  • Preparation of profile, site, ownership and access plans, forest impact plans, and plans for ecological route management
  • Comprehensive development portfolio, e.g. mast types and the associated mast type diagrams, diagonal profiles, mast site sketches, concepts for steep connections and transposition, phase routing or conductor sequence plans
  • 3D visualisation
  • Incorporation of all essential information in the GIS
  • Surveying work of all types
  • Technical support during construction

EQOS Energie Engineering Static construction

Static engineering and construction from a single source

Our experienced structural engineers and designers are eager to meet your challenge. We would be happy to provide you with expert support in all matters pertaining to structural engineering and construction. Whether condition assessment or static recalculation, rehabilitation concepts or new development of linkages – our engineering offers a full portfolio.

Some examples from our service offering:

  • Development of overhead line frames and specials masts as well as mobile telecommunications towers and antenna fixtures
  • Static recalculation of existing masts including plans for their rehabilitation
  • Full probabilistic investigation of masts and their foundations
  • Individual solutions for special areas as well as standard and special foundations
  • Development and design of temporary interference structures and gantries
  • Workshop drawings in 2D and 3D
  • Planning of formwork and reinforcements as well as anchoring and rehabilitation concepts
  • Technical support during construction
  • Complete welding monitoring and non-destructive magnetic particle testing
  • Feasibility and comparative studies

EQOS Property Management

We perform your property management

Will your project impact any third parties? EQOS Energie will handle all relations with local authorities as well as negotiations with the parties concerned. This includes obtaining approvals from authorities and institutions, permit applications and support up to the entry in the land register. Furthermore, it includes the research concerning parcels, ownership, lease and use as well as summonable addresses and the entire contractual handling.

Moreover, we support you in some of the following areas:

  • Preparation of permit applications pursuant to Section 9 of the German Land Register Adjustment Act (Grundbuchbereinigungsgesetz, GBBerG)
  • Survey of land register data up to Section II
  • Determination of compensation amounts as well as rights of affected third parties and customers’ rights
  • Preparation of contractual documents such as easement, compensation, and building permit
  • Negotiations with owners and tenants
  • Structuring of the returns from certifications and registration notifications
  • Subsoil management and access route planning
  • Crop damage settlement
EQOS Engineering Development

Professional work with proprietary software

Complex projects have very specific requirements. In order to be able to provide you with the best result, we work with software designed by our own application developers. Are you aware of our structural engineering program Turrix, which we make commercially available? In addition, we internally use the FIMS3application for planning cable runs and the DIMSdatabase for owner negotiations.


EQOS Entwicklung Turrix

You can use the efficient structural engineering program Turrix to reproduce all input in 3D view. By tilting, rotating or zooming, every spot of the system can be displayed precisely. In addition, control of the overall system as well as the bending line view are possible in 3D.

Our service plus with Turrix for you:

  • Improved control based on 3D view of all input
  • Quick editing and subsequent modification of masts is possible
  • Load generation of add-on parts such as mobile telecommunications systems and in accordance with DIN EN 504341 and Niemann
  • Fast computational core
  • Dimensioning according to DIN EN 50341
  • Flexible generation of the output document
  • Creation of the system drawing in .dxf format
  • Dimensioning of corner leg reinforcements
  • Calculation of the envelope curve diagram of the weight spans as a function of the line angles
  • Control of electrical distances
  • Reconciliation of structural conditions such as rehabilitations


EQOS Development Laser Data

With FIMS3, we have the perfect overview when planning cable runs. Thanks to an excellent visual control of the inputs, it is easy for us to plan multiple line sections or alternative line variants. All cable mechanics calculations are possible with both laser and vectorised data.

Our service plus with FIMS3 for you:

  • Facilitates simple visual input control
  • Comprehensive determination of distances such as internal distances and distances to parallel lines, radio relay links and wind turbines
  • Creation of profile and site plans as well as diagonal profiles as a .dxf file
  • Support of exact mast geometries for internal spacing and visualisation
  • Calculation of vegetation height lines
  • Many interfaces to commercially available programmes available
  • Comprehensive outputs as PDF files


The database-based application DIMS allows us to manage affected parcels, compensation and easements for new construction and dismantling of overhead lines. In addition to the output of land acquisition lists and various evaluations, we handle all correspondence with owners and other institutions via DIMS.

Our service plus with DIMS for you:

  • Import of parcels, boundaries, owners and land register entries including Section Section II from ALKIS/ALB data
  • Interfaces to Civil3D, QGIS, AutoCAD, SCOUP and GEOGraf
  • Import and export of inventory data with manual column selection in Excel
  • Reference numbers, owner numbers and sheet sections can be imported into the project via Excel file formats or assigned manually
  • Generation of documents and serial letters via queries from the database
  • Quick overview of negotiation status and correspondence through tables with adjustable columns and categories
  • Owner numbers and personal data linked to address book; this makes duplicates mergeable
  • Detailed search functions make it easier to find datasets
  • Persons and parcels can be edited via collective revision

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