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Overhead line

We ensure that people enjoy power on tap for we reliably plan and construct your national and regional electricity grids. Our engineering expertise gives you a crucial edge.

Overhead Line Construction

For many years now, we have made a contribution to align the network infrastructure witht eh energy transformation: To ensure that electricity from renewable energy sources really reaches consumers, it must often be transported over long distances. We support you with the reconstruction and expansion of energy grids, so that they meet the new and increased requirements and ensure a reliable supply to consumers.

Service portfolio

We ensure high availability of power supplying, plan and construct transmission and distribution networks (110-380 kV). In the field of overhead line you benefit from a service portfolio that covers the entire value creation chain: from advice and planning to implementation and service. Project management is provided by a single source – backed by the flexibility of a strong global group.

We complete our customers’ assignments with advanced technology for efficiency and top quality, making major investments in our machine park and tools every year. Interested? Give us a call!

Your advantages in overhead line with us

  • All services provided from a single source with a fixed project manager
  • Special engineering expertise and planning skills
  • Permanently high standards for health, occupational safety, environment and quality
  • Highly qualified and experienced in-house staff
  • Specific installation know-how in the field of cable work
  • Equipped with the latest machine technology


One of special strengths is engineering.

More than 60 technical employees are actively engaged in structural engineering, line planning and assembly procedures, feasibility studies and routing, property management, budgeting, project development and processing, alternative concepts and engineering services at all stages.

40 experienced project and site managers are responsible for cross-border planning assignments. They hold responsibility for all project planning and execution stages, assignment, cost and time scale plans. They also ensure punctual assembly organisation for the observance and implementation of occupational safety measures in compliance with current statutory regulations and all necessary employee instruction.

Visualising overhead line masts in 3D

Use the Turrix software developed by our engineering division for calculating and measuring masts.

You can use the efficient structural engineering program Turrix to reproduce all input in 3D view. By tilting, rotating or zooming, every spot of the system can be displayed precisely. In addition, control of the overall system as well as the bending line view are possible in 3D.

How Turrix works:

Our service plus for you:

  • Improved control based on 3D view of all input
  • Modular structure facilitates the quick and simple integration of plugins
  • Matrices are optimised based on improved node numbering
  • Separate report designer as a template generator for reports
  • Result output directly as PDF and DXF files


In-house developed emergency rods and equipment

Do you need a stop-gap while modernising your networks? We have just the right solution.

EQOS Energie provides emergency rods and equipment for temporary power supplying in different implementation areas. This may be necessary when connecting new lines, during conversion jobs, maintenance and repair work or clearing faults. Our customers can choose from a modular system ranging from full or part delivery of gantries, replacement cables and services, suitable for a voltage range of 110 to 380 kV and spans of up to 300 metres.

This model is also economically attractive, as you can opt for hire or buy.