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Line extension from Knappenrode via Horka to the German-Polish border


The two-track extension and line electrification from Knappenrode via Horka to the German-Polish border is part of the pan-European Corridor line C-E30 Berlin/Dresden – Breslau – Kiev.

The aims were to create a modern rail infrastructure and increase speed and line capacity. Thanks to extensive construction and electrification speed could be increased to 120 km/h and in some places even 160 km/h, while line capacity rose by 240 percent from 50 to 170 trains daily.

Freight traffic needs were addressed by upgrading the Knappenrode – Horka line, including conversion to ESTW-A (electronic signal box-external unit). Work on the relevant line section proceeded in three stages. The old overhead lines were taken down and renewed, involving a lot of work in cramped conditions at the same time as structural and track building work. Concrete and steel poles were also erected. A Re 200 was selected for the overhead line system and Re 100 for sidings.

The project

Overview of services

  • 10 km line planning, incl. interim statuses
  • 89 foundations and poles, 100 poles dismantled
  • 240 cantilevers, 6 multi-track cantilevers
  • 10 km of new overhead line, 1 km overhead line adaptation
  • 5 km control cabling, 5 km line feeder

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