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Construction of a new 380 kV overhead line from Schwerin to Hamburg


The energy turnaround is advancing, especially in North Germany, where an increasing amount of wind power is generated. The aim is to build new power highways to bring renewable energy to consumers. Thus, as early as 2005, EQOS Energie was commissioned with all planning for the 75km long 380 kV overhead line from Görries (Schwerin) to Krümmel (Hamburg).

The aim was to support transport of renewable energy with the help of the new overhead line. Routing was based on data from an aerial laser scan. Data along the entire length of the planned route, a 500 -1,000 m corridor was captured and all possible variations explored. Intersection data was supplemented by terrestrial surveying. Data supplied by the relevant public agencies was also incorporated into the planning.

Part of the project included the calculation and planning of the overhead line, drafting of documents for the planning permission hearings in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein and initiation of the necessary soil expertises for the pole sites. The job also involved obtaining building permission from property owners and drafting of intersection documents on all surface and underground line systems. The company cooperated closely with the environment planning department to assess the impact on the environment and the necessary planning documents were drafted for interventions at tree and forest level. In the construction phase EQOS Energie was available as local point of contact for the required on-site plotting and on completion was also responsible for surveying and revision.

The project

Overview of services

  • Calculation and planning of the overhead line incl. drafting of documents for the planning permission hearings
  • Soil surveys of the relevant pole sites
  • Drafting of all intersection documents for surface and underground line systems
  • Local point of contact for on-site plotting
  • Responsible for surveying and revision after completion

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