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New construction of catenary line system in Ludwigshafen


Due to its dilapidated condition, the elevated road “Hochstraße Süd” in Ludwigshafen had to be torn down. Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv) asked EQOS Energie to dismantle and reconstruct the existing catenary line system. A total of 14 new foundations with parallel wide-flanged beams were put in place, a dual line of rail built and 2,100 m of catenary wires installed. An electrical inspection concluded the project.

The goal was a quick adjustment to the local infrastructural changes. Since the catenary lines ran underneath the street, they had to be dismantled in two stages to match the construction timeline for the affected roads and then connected to the new traffic routing. Speedy approval of the line was essential for resuming public transport as soon as possible.

The catenary sections at Berliner Platz/Mundenheimer Straße were constructed first. The missing system supports were replaced by parallel wide-flanged beams and their foundations. Due to high groundwater levels, block foundations were used. The new catenary system was constructed similar to the old one so that supply points would be roughly in the same spots. Continued use of adjacent supporting structures and existing masts was possible. One mast was fully eliminated in favor of a dual line of rail. Upon installation of the carrier cables and the electrical inspection of the system, public transport resumed.

The remaining work was done in a second section at Berliner Straße toward Paul-Kleefod-Platz. Here, the remaining new foundations with masts were prepared, catenary wires installed across all of Berliner Straße and the project completed once the new system passed inspection.

The project

Overview of services

  • Dismantling of the existing catenary line system
  • Construction of parallel wideflanged beams with block foundations
  • Construction of a dual line of rail
  • Electrical inspection of the catenary line system

Project pictures

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